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A progressive jackpot can be defined as a payout for an online game in which the value of the jackpot increases a small amount with each game. Learn how to win a progressive slots jackpot by reading our tips and tricks.

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How to win a Progressive Slots Jackpot

Letís say, for the sake of argument, that you are afflicted with serious psychological problems. Bear with me, I promise this is going somewhere. Anyway, letís say they you are so psychologically screwed up that you have been of going online to gamble without including an active pursuit of the progressive jackpot in your overall strategy.

I know, it sounds completely crazy, but the sad fact of the matter is that many otherwise sane people go about this practice on a regular basis. I am going to assume that you are not one of them, but nonetheless, it would be valuable to review precisely how a smart player attempts to win the progressive online slots jackpot.

How Does It Work?

A progressive jackpot can be defined as a payout for an online game in which the value of the jackpot increases a small amount with each game. A quantity of machines, linked together electronically, all donate to a progressive jackpot. This total sum builds at a rapid pace, as many players continue to chip in to the total amount simultaneously.

As you most certainly know, the online progressive jackpot is most commonly found in either
video poker or slots variants. While there is some discernible strategy to be found in the latter of those two examples, it would perhaps be more illustrative to look at how the progressive jackpot can be attained while playing the former. Just how does one go about this task?

Break-Even Or Bust

The first thing you must understand is the frequency for each payoff vs. the odds of making that payoff. The progressive jackpot is a dynamic in nature, always rising until someone collects it. Therefore, at some point on its upward climb, the progressive jackpot will reach a break-even point, which is better than any casino bonus you might find. You must stay visually attuned on this critical point. When a progressive jackpot reaches a break-even point, you are facing a positive expectation bet. This means that your odds are superior to the odds of the house. It is a quite rare position to be in, and thus one that must be acted upon every time it occurs.

This is where going after the progressive jackpot really becomes fun. In fact, many dedicated video poker players become addicted solely to this aspect of the game. As mentioned above,
slots games with progressive jackpots do not allow for a break-even point, as such an overwhelming percentage of that game’s outcome is based on blind luck.

Optimize Your Performance

The practice of keeping a sharp eye one the break-even point in anticipation of a positive expectations situation is known as the “optimal strategy” for pursuing a progressive jackpot. It can be said that this strategy is what separates genuinely educated gamblers from all the average hackers who rely on no more than dumb luck in order to make a few dollars at the video poker online tables. Which camp would you rather be in? If it takes you will longer than five seconds to determine the answer to that question, you really may need psychological help after all.


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    How to win a progressive Slots Jackpot