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Casino Tips and Strategies - get the odds on your side by reading our casino tips and strategies. They won't guarantee that you will win, but they will make your chances a lot better!

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Casino Tips and Strategies

Know The Game:
Some games do give you better odds than others, and there is a wealth of information on the internet to inform you of the odds you will face in any given game, including strategies that will help shave the house edge to a minimum.

Know Your Budget:
It is very important to have a budget in place before you decide to gamble.  Let’s say you have got $1,000 and you expect to gamble five times a week for the next two weeks.  Then your budget is $100 per day, and no more.  If you stay within your daily limit you will still have money for the rest of the two weeks giving you peace of mind and a stress free gambling experience.

Keep Emotion Out Of The Game:
Do not let your emotions take over when you gamble, as this could lead to disaster.  Emotions influence your decisions radically and you will not be able to think rationally.  This will cause you to start gambling with money that you set aside for rent, car payment or even your bond.  It is better to leave the table if you have lost a number of bets in a row.

Don't Play While Under The Influence:
Gambling while under the influence of alcohol or any other substance could be detrimental to your pocket.  You are not able to think clearly and you could land up losing more money than you bargained on, leaving you in a bad financial situation.

Nothing Beats A Game Of Chance:
Do not fall for “systems” as they always fail in the long run if they are not number based.  Playing a game of chance is always exciting, and even more so when you win.

It is all Numbers:
Know the odds and play accordingly if you are playing to win.  The numbers may be boring, but they are your roadmap to avoiding losing.  Hunches, ESP, Clairvoyance, Tea Leaves, Remote viewing and Divination are all secondary choices to the mathematics of the game.

Take The Winnings And Run:
Have a plan in place for when to stop gambling, to avoid using money that you haven’t really budgeted for.  Some players stop when they are up by 50%, others when they have doubled their session, and then there are those that stop when the tide turns and they lose 20% of their winnings.  It is very important to have your break-point and stick to it.

Expect To Lose:
Casinos do not depend on luck to stay in business, and virtually every bet you make, the house edge will always win a lot more often than you will.  Gamblers must really do their homework well to find and play games where the house edge is 1.5% or less.

Play The Game, Not The Gimmicks:
That “insurance” bet in games such as Blackjack and crap-less craps, have a house edge of around 6%.  There are the occasional exceptions, but in general the add-ons to the basic games are nothing more than sucker bets.

Fun Is The Name Of The Game:
Unless you are a professional player with a proven track record, you are playing for the pleasure of it.  For 98% of players online, casino gambling is recreational, and you’re spending money to be entertained.

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Casino Tips and Strategies