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Slots Myths and Realities - As with many casino games, people have many superstitions and misconceptions about how and when slot machines will or wont pay off. Here are some of the more common slot machine myths and the realities.

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Slots Myths and Realities

 Myth No. 1: You should quit a machine right after hitting a jackpot.
 Many people feel that a machine that hits big is no longer due, and you should move to a different one. The reality is that what symbols will come up on either a live or an online slot machine on an individual spin is completely random.

If a machine is set to pay out 90 percent of what it takes in, it will pay out that much over the long term, but in the short term, it may pay out three big wins in a row or pay out nothing for 20 straight spins. The machine does not have a memory of what it has done before. In fact, if you’re not sure of the exact pay out rate of your machine, you may want to stay with a machine that has just paid off since it is more likely to be a “loose” machine that pays more frequently.
 Myth No. 2: If you havent been winning by pressing the button, you should start pulling the handle.
 Many live casino slots still have the traditional one armed bandit configuration, allowing you to either press a button or pull the handle to spin the reels. One method is never more effective than any other is. Both mechanisms are linked to the same signal and spin the reels in the same way. Of course, making use of an online slot feature, which allows you to click and drag a virtual arm rather than clicking a spin button, also has no effect on play.
 Myth No. 3: Online slot machines are rigged and testimonials from winning players are faked.
 This is possible, but unlikely, especially if you have verified the reputation of the casino where the online slots machine is located. Online casinos make enormous amounts of money just by collecting ten cents on every one of the millions of dollars that are pumped into it every week. They have no need to make a grab for the other 90 cents, and the money they would lose if such a scam were discovered makes it not at all worth it.
 Myth No. 4: Speed of play is an advantage in slots
This effectiveness of this slots strategy is only true if you are playing a tournament where you may have a limited amount of time to get a pre-determined amount of tokens into play. Playing fast does not make it significantly more likely that you will hit a jackpot and you are investing the same amount of money to hit a winning spin no matter how quickly you play, so take your time and enjoy the experience.Some games do give you better odds than others.

There is a wealth of information both on the Internet and in print to inform you of the odds you face in any given game and the strategies that will help shave the house edge to a minimum. Spend a little time reading and you'll spend a lot less time wondering what happened to your money.

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Slots Myths and Realities