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Love Board Games?

Then why not give the online versions a go? There are so many different bored games you can try online and, far from being boring, these online board games are hugely popular, great fun, and even offer the chance to win cash prizes! You don’t get that playing Snakes and Ladders with your Grandma now do you?

A firm family favourite for generations, Monopoly is just as much fun when you play online. And the aim of the game is still the same: to pass go without getting sent to jail. The good bit about playing online is that, rather than just playing with paper money, you can win real life cash! We’re not promising a hotel on Mayfair or a train station in Marylebone, but you can certainly pick up some pretty decent cash prizes and jackpots when you play Monopoly online.

And it’s not just Monopoly. If you like your games to include a bit of mystery and intrigue, then online Cluedo could be for you! This classic game of ‘who dunnit’ is set in a remote mansion on a countryside estate with six potential culprits and a dead Lord of the Manor. The aim of the game is to find out who is responsible for the heinous crime, and win cash prizes and bonus jackpots along the way!

Rediscover a whole new love for your favourite classic board games by playing them online. They’re just as much fun as you remember, only with the added bonus of offering real cash prizes. What more could you ask for?

Play Board Games like Monopoly and Cluedo at Mr Green





Last Updated 9 September 2017

Love Board Games?