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Marvel Slots - If you have read the marvel comics you will recognise all the characters in our marvel slot reviews below. All of the popular marvel characters have now been brought out in the form of slot games at many online casinos.

See our marvel slot screenshots, read the reviews and find out which online casinos offer marvel slots play.

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NB Marvel Slots No Longer Exist since Disney Bought the Brand

Iron Man Slot

Play Iron Man Slot


Tony Stark aka Iron Man in his iron clad armour has super human strength and can fly too. Play this powerful slot and help him blast the buildings windows to collect as many blueprints as possible.

The Incredible Hulk Slot


Play Incredible Hulk Slot


Join the Incredible Hulk in his quest to get to the Laboratory while he fights tanks and helicopters along the way. There is 3 level progressive jackpots that can be won on this slot and a bonus feature game.

Elektra Slot


Play Elektra Slot


Daredevil's Girlfriend Elektra is a deadly assassin and a Ninja expert. Help her fight her enemy Bullseye . Get 3 or more Scattered Elektra symbols and enter the bonus game where you have to throw ninja stars at the Ninja enemies.

Ghost Rider Slot

Play Ghost Rider Slot


Harley Davidson Riders and fans will love this Marvel Slot game with its roaring bike effects and breathing skulls. Play the Ghost Rider Bonus Game and get to save people trapped in burning cars.


The Punisher Slot

Play The Punisher Slot


Another one of Marvel's great slots - Punisher who is the unstoppable vigilante trained in combat. Activate the bonus round and become The Punisher and shoot out windows to reveal the bad guys and lots of lovely money too!

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Last Updated 26 May 2018
Marvel Slots