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Although this site is mainly dedicated to slots and online casinos - we know that some of you like to enjoy a flutter on the bingo, so below we have written an article to help you learn about playing online bingo.

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Online Bingo

 The popularity of bingo is increasing day by day and is even attracting well known stars for gaming online fun. You can explore the social aspect to gaming which is unique to online bingo with the use of chat forums giving you the chance to meet other players with similar interests! Taking advantage of instant chat forums whilst you play along with bonus games which is one of the main attractions to bingo online.

It is a great place to meet up with new and old friends with an opportunity to have a great night in. With the recent smoking ban in the UK there has been in an increase in web gaming – so at the moment it’s the in thing to do!. You will find that bingo is one of the few places that offers you the chance to socialise in a friendly environment – and other online games are unable to offer this, which is also why the online bingo community has grown.

How to play

There is very simply format to follow to play, just as it’s always been, mark off your cards by clicking to select a ticket price. Then you just need to wait for the balls to reveal there numbers. It’s easy, and to make things even simpler, once you have marked your cards you can then set the game to auto-daub. This enables you to be notified on the results without even looking!

The Cost

No problems here! You will notice that the games are very affordable and you can start off playing for free or as little as 5pence. So the payouts are low then? Absolutely not! – with impressive jackpot levels, progressive games are often delivering in excess of £10,000. Just remember though, that the game is based on luck so you may want to start off with lower level wins using, 1-line, 2-line and Full House payouts.

The experience

The game is similar to playing the lottery, where there is a buzz when you are waiting see if your numbers will be drawn, combined with in game socialising whilst working your way to a wining combination. So, you can even experience the joy from others as well as yourself.

Once you have chosen a bingo game to play online, you will be sure to be dazzled with stunning graphics with themed screens that display the latest in game options. So whether you’re in a good mood or in need to be lifted, you can expect to find games to suit that mood and to raise your spirits!

To finish off your gaming fun, you will find a good amount of bonuses to compliment your gaming sessions. From free bingo bonus money chat games, jackpot bonus games to prize draws. Nowadays, even top level parlours are offering free bonus cash so that you can play without losing your money to start off with!


People gamble for a wide variety of reasons. For some it’s all about the money, for some the pure enjoyment and for others it’s the camaraderie
and connection that gambling can provide; but there is one thing that they do all have in common. They all dream of hitting the jackpot! Read more about Bingo and Slot Machine Jackpots

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Last Updated 21 April 2016
Online Bingo