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Although slot machines all operate on the same basic principles - online slot machines tend to be slightly different to the traditional slot you will find at a land based casino.

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Online Slots versus Traditional Slots

Online slots are a far cry from the traditional one arm bandit that was first invented by Charles Fey sometime around 1890.

The real world slot machine found around the world from this first invention and still prevalent today from the casinos of Vegas to the flashy arcades in British seaside towns and many more places besides started as a pretty simple device with 3 reels and one pay-line across the middle, whilst some machines have got a little more complicated than this the basic principle for a traditional machine remains broadly the same pull the lever, or more likely press the button, and if you line up matching symbols across the middle you’ve probably won!

The online slot can be a similarly simple device often displayed so as to appear like a traditional land based slot in digital form.

It can, and often is, however also be a vastly more complicated and to the uninitiated more confusing device. It’s common that there will be five reels displaying five symbols each in view meaning each spin of the online slot will leave players with 25 symbols in view, these symbols will then be cris-crossed with a dizzying array of win-lines which depending on game and casino can be anywhere from the traditional one across the middle to a hundred or more.

As a player spins and then looks at the screen the casino software will work out and display your wins for you often without you initially having a clue where and how you’ve won!

As with everything there’s no substitute for experience and the more you play the more familiar you’ll become with online slots but don’t let the confusion put you off trying, after all the computer will tell you when you’ve won anyway.

Below we have listed online casinos that have a very large selection of online slot games:

Betway | Casino Luck



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Online Slots vs Traditional Slots