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There are two main factors in slot machines that determine the probability of winning. They are called frequency and payback. Read more about frequency vs payback below.

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Slot Machines - Frequency Vs. Payback

 Slot machines are one of the most fun gambling games, and one of the easiest games to play, whether it’s in a casino or on an online casino site. When most players play the often consider their probability of winning and the amount they are willing to risk. There are two main factors in slot machines that determine the probability of winning. They are called frequency and payback.

Payback is the percentage of the money you get back in case you do not win. They range from 75 to 99 percent. Slot machines with low payback percentage are called tight, and slot machines with high payback percentage are called loose.

The looser the machine is the more it attracts gamblers since it has a higher factor of safety which is why casinos are trying to show they have loose machines.

The payback percentage is programmed by the manufacturer on the request of the casino, some casinos want high payback percentage to attract more gamblers, others give low payback percentages to increase their profits from each losing gambler. It is the same as selling goods at a high rate and low rate.

For the casino there is always a perfect amount that can attract many gamblers "not scare them away" but also with the profits not being too low, for the gambler the higher the payback percentage (that is the looser the slot machine is) the better.

Frequency is another factor. Frequency is basically the ratio of winning to losing, which means how many times the machine gets the winning combination in a certain amount of games, which depends on how many times each symbol is on the wheel. The frequency unlike the payback percentage is not about securing a good loss, but rather it is about lowering the probability of loss.

For someone with a risking spirit the frequency is much more important than the payback percentage, since the one with the risking spirit does not worry about losing but rather his eyes are fixed on winning.

These are the two well known factors that determine the probability of winning and losing in the slot machine games, however there's another factor that is not very well known, that is the amount of payment one gets when they win. But the reason why it is not very well known is that it is, in a way, implicit in the frequency factor, as usually machines with low frequency have a high payment amount for winners, and machines with low frequency have low payment amount. However this is not always the case, it is possible to find machines with low payment amount but also have low frequency, but these machines are not the kind that can attract gamblers since it is not very appealing.

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Last Updated 23 July 2018
Slot Machines - Frequency vs Payback