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Slots Tips - Read our slot tips to ensure you get the most out of the money you deposit into slot machines. Get the odds on your side.

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Slots Tips

Slot machines are a popular diversion for casino players. Some players have a haphazard approach to the slots, while others are more organized. With any kind of casino gambling, it’s good to have a plan. Here are some ideas for making the most of your slots experience.
 Use Comps and Bonuses
 Slot comps are a great innovation. They allow you to earn promotions just by sitting down and pressing buttons. If you play enough, you can earn free meals, hotel stays and more. Similarly, when playing slots online, you can earn additional money just by continuing to play.
 Make sure you are a member of your live casino’s slot club and that you use your card every time you play. If playing online, be on the lookout for casino bonuses that can add to your bankroll.
 Take Breaks
 It’s easy to become a slot zombie and lose track of time and money when playing. During your slot experience, take a few minutes every hour to stretch your legs. You can leave your card in the machine to indicate you are still using it, or just walk around without straying too far. If you’re playing online, get up every now and then and walk around the room -- keep the blood flowing and your head clear.
 Play Within Your Means
 Make sure your bankroll is big enough to allow you to play for as long as you want, even if you hit a losing streak. Since you’ll often want to play multiple coins, consider the total amount of each spin when calculating your bankroll, rather than the cash amount of the coin that the machine accepts.

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Last Updated 8 June 2014
Slots Tips