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Poker: The One Rule for the Fish

Poker players just love new fish. They wallow in the shallows ready to eat, in the same way a blue whale glides through the ocean, mouth open, devouring krill.

The fish are easy to spot because they are not trying hard not to be found. If they knew that they should be hiding, then they would not be fish after all. The sight of a fresh fish sitting at a table really does whet the appetite. 

The mentality of the fish is to play every hand. They love it. They are enthralled by the game and to them playing every hand is what it’s all about. The sharks love it as well. Everyone loves it. That is until the inevitable bloodbath turns the water ice cold.

The fish will leave the table. His face twisted and contorted. His smile turned into a scrap of angst. What went wrong? How did it turn so quickly? 

If we were to offer any advice to the fish, then there would be only one thing to say to them: stop enjoying yourself! Instead of playing every hand, try not to play hardly any at all. 

The one rule for the fish is to play premium hands only. It’s time for a wake up call. You don’t know what you are doing! By playing only premium hands, you reduce the likelihood that your lack of knowledge will push you out of the game quicker than a fat kid eats cake.







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Last Updated 8 September 2015
Poker: The one rule for the poker fish