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Why People Like Slots

Slot machines are definitely the most commonly played of all casino games and there is a good reason why people like slots so much that they choose it over other casino games.

What are slots?

Tomb Raider Slot

Slots were originally believed to be just a means of entertaining ladies while their husbands were busy playing the more serious games like Roulette or Poker.  Slot machines have rapidly grown into the main source of income for casinos worldwide. 

The simplicity of the game is definitely the main reason for such a radical shift of priorities.  With a number of spinning reels and symbols on them that are randomized once a player pulls the lever or pushes the button. 

Gamblers do not need to know any rules or strategies to play slots.  If there is a winning combination in the pay-line, the player wins and is paid out instantly straight from the machine.  This is what makes the whole experience so exciting and has players fixated.

Main types of slots

Straight slots are the simplest and most straightforward to play which keep players entertained for hours on end.  There are different variations such as additional reels, pay-lines, multipliers and symbols, but they are only used to enhance the game.  All winnings are stipulated and there are no external factors which affect them.

Progressive slots are a bit more of a challenge, as they are linked to each other via a network of machines that share a common Progressive Jackpot which comprises of all bets made at these machines.  The more players spin the reels the higher the Jackpot gets.  Bonus slots bring variety to the table, as they feature additional mini-games when a player hits a particular combination. 

This allows players to win extra money without having to place any additional bets. These are the most exciting slots to play, and have become very popular amongst online players as they include a variety of Bonuses.

Playing slots online

Slot games are as popular online as they are in land based casinos, and online casino operators have chosen to expand the variety of slots even further, as they are way easier to implement in the virtual world.  

The basic gaming principles are identical to those of the actual slot machines found in land based casinos.  Gamblers can place bets, push the button, and the number randomizer will determine whether they win or not. 

An inexperienced player can become a bit confused at first with the huge variety of slot games that are available.  The wide variety of sites, such as ABC Slots can be a bit overwhelming for new players as they all have their own exclusive variations of slots.  Gamblers need to bear in mind that the basics are the same everywhere, no-matter how complicated the game looks.

Slot bonuses

Many reputable online casinos use Bonuses to attract new players, and to keep their existing players interested.  The No-Deposit Bonus allows gamblers to play without having to deposit any of their own money.  Casinos also offer Bonus Spins and Multipliers that players may encounter during certain games.

Our Recommended Casinos that Offer a Good Selection of Slots are:

mFortune Casino ( Mobile )


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Why People Like Slots